Program Overview

Preparing Students for the 21st Century by providing them with an educational experience that merges academic rigor and relevance with creativity and social responsibility within a safe, caring environment.

Program Overview

As the Buffalo Public School district’s only K-12 program, Olmsted offers a comprehensive education program focusing on Gifted and Talented learners. The primary site or lower school is permanently housed at 874 Amherst Street. It houses grades pre-kindergarten through four. The middle and high school program is housed in the former Kensington High School at 319 Suffolk Street.  The building received $22 million renovation which was completed in 2012.

Olmsted #156, the Grades 5-12 component, is a criterion- based school. All students new to the school must test in. However, students coming over from Olmsted #64 move right into the 5th grade. All students must maintain an 85 average and receive a 3 or 4 on their New York State English Language Arts (ELA) and Math assessments to be considered for the high school. If they do not meet this threshold, they must reapply for the high school along with all other new applicants.

Please see Admission Criteria for more information on the admissions process.

What we mean by Creativity:

Creativity is an attribute of giftedness. When we speak of creativity, we stress looking at things with a different set of eyes to solve a problem, or improve upon a product. Creativity, to some extent, can be taught. In its best sense, it is connected with making things better. Inventions and movement forward in society are due to the intelligence and creative thinking of various individuals.

What does Olmsted at Kensington have to offer you?

  • Opportunities for acceleration in Math starting in 5th grade
  • Opportunities for acceleration in ELA starting in 7th grade
  • Gifted and Talented program continues through out Middle School
  • Methods of Inquiry: At the high school level, all students are required to take a half year course which explores methods of inquiry and tools to aid innovation. This course is the foundation for their future work at Olmsted in preparation for a flexible and productive life.
  • Regents Science taken by all 8th graders
  • AP Courses, starting in 10th grade, provide the opportunity to earn college credit.
  • Chinese, French and Spanish offered throughout middle school and high school
  • Distance learning courses offered when necessary
  • Green Engineering project offered at the high school level in partnership with Alfred University
  • Art, including 2D and 3D projects
  • Music, including Concert Band, Orchestra and Strings
  • Olmsted Scholar Project: Olmsted High School students are given many opportunities to explore career paths through field trips, partnerships with local colleges, and workshops. Students in their junior and senior years have a chance to participate in an Olmsted Scholar Project, enabling them to work with a  mentor in a field of interest to them. Olmsted students have shadowed experts in the fields of engineering, medicine, education, the arts and writing, and business to name a few.


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