Student Support Team

The Student Support Team is comprised of:

-SST/ CSE Chairperson

-School Psychologist

-Social Worker

-Clerk/ Typist

What does the Student Support Team do?

-Conduct mandated evaluations for Special Education students

-Conduct CSE meetings

-Develop and review annually 504 Accommodation Plans

-Monitor compliance with NYS regulations for special education students

-Participate in Positive Behavioral Support Trainings

-Develop strategies and interventions with teachers to use with students experiencing academic of behavioral difficulties in school

-Facilitate ongoing dialogue between families and the school

Chairperson: Tammy Ruocco

School web site: Tammy Ruocco’s Site

School Pyschologist: Allyson LaRuffa

School web site: Allyson LaRuffa

School Social Worker: Mary Sandone

School web site: Mary Sandone

Helpful Links

Intervention Central

Description of Academic and Behavioral Support Continuum

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