Important information about NYS ELA and Math Tests

Every spring, the Grade 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Tests are administered to students across New York State.

Below you will find information on the changes that the State Education Department has made to these tests for 2016.

  • Decreased Number of Test Questions The 2016 Grade 3-8 English Language Arts (ELA) Tests will have one less reading passage and fewer questions to answer. The 2016 Grade 3-8 Mathematics Tests will also have fewer questions.
  • Untimed Testing The 2016 Grade 3-8 ELA and Mathematics Tests will be untimed. This change gives students more opportunity to demonstrate what they know and can do by allowing them to work at their own pace. In general, this means that as long as students are productively working, they will have as much time as they need to finish their tests.
  • Greater Teacher Involvement The State Education Department has increased the number of New York State teachers involved in creating and reviewing the assessments and will expand opportunities for teachers to be involved in future test development.  Teachers from across the State gathered in Albany in October 2015 to evaluate and select questions for the 2016 tests.  Beginning in fall 2015 and going forward, a greater number of New York State teachers have been— and will continue to be—involved in the review of all test questions and final test forms.  For the first time ever, New York State teachers will write the test questions for the Grade 3-8 ELA and Mathematics tests. These questions will first be used on the 2018 tests.
  • New Test Vendor Last summer, Questar Assessment Inc. was awarded the State’s Grade 3-8 ELA and Mathematics assessment contract. Questar Assessment Inc. has partnered with the Department on the changes described above and on other changes to the Grade 3-8 ELA and Mathematics tests.

Questions about testing programs, policies, and procedures may be sent to emscassessinfo@nysed.gov  Click here for the test flier in English.  Click here for the test flier in Spanish.


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