Interscholastic Athletics Handbook and Clubs

The Frederick Law Olmsted School at Kensington Interscholastic Athletics Handbook and Clubs

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Welcome to theFrederickLawOlmstedSchoolat Kensington Athletic Program. Student-athletes, parents, and coaches are strongly encouraged to carefully read the entire Athletic Handbook. This handbook will serves as a guide throughout your athletic career. This handbook was designed to followNew YorkState, Section VI, and Erie County Interscholastic Conference rules and regulations, along with the Buffalo Public Schools Board of Education Policies. Involvement in theFrederickLawOlmstedSchoolat Kensington athletic program is completely voluntary. It is not required for graduation and does not affect your physical education grade in any way. Being on an athletic team does require an individual to follow rules and give a great deal of time and effort outside of the regular school day. It is the nature of athletic competition to strive for victory. However, the number of wins and losses are only a measure of success. The real challenge is to guide the individual and/or team to reach their full potential. This is the true measure of achievement.

 The purpose of this policy is to emphasize to the student-athletes that they are representatives of the school and community, and are expected to maintain an acceptable academic record. If deficiencies do occur, student-athletes are obligated to remove the deficiencies in order to continue to participate in the athletic program. Student eligibility will be evaluated at the halfway point of each marking period and at the end of each marking period.

 What is the criterion for academic eligibility?

v     Student must have an overall passing average.

v     A student must be passing all four core subjects with a 65% or better for that reporting period.

v     Student must be passing physical education (Sports ONLY).

v     Attendance – 95% attendance and no more than 4 tardies to school a month.

When is student academic eligibility reviewed?

v     Student eligibility will be evaluated after each quarterly marking period by the Assistant Principal. 

Who determines student academic eligibility?

v     The Assistant Principal will review Progress Reports and Reports cards.  He will then issue an ineligibility roster after each evaluation period.

Who notifies a student of academic eligibility?

v     The Assistant Principal will notify each student-athlete, at no point should a Teacher rule, or inform the student that he or she is ineligible.  At that time the student will not be allowed to participate in a game, practice, team event, or club activity until notified of “Good academic standing”  by the Assistant Principal.

What is the process if a student is ruled ineligible but improves to a passing grade?

v     The teacher will provide written notification to the Assistant Principal that the student in question is now passing the course.  This may be done via email.  The Assistant Principal will then notify the student-athlete and the coach of reinstatement to the team.

What are the student behavior expectations?

v     Student-Athletes and Club members are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will reflect positively on their team, school, and themselves. Any inappropriate behavior (including accusations, involvement with police and/or arrests) will result in a disciplinary review and be subject to suspension or dismissal from the team or club.

What are the expectations for participation, i.e. Practices, meetings and Contests:

v     Each athlete/club member is required to attend all practices, meetings and/or contests unless excused by the coach or club monitor. An athlete who is injured or ill but still able to attend school is also required to attend practice even though they will not be actively participating. Any student-athlete failing to abide by this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Disciplinary action could range from a warning, to suspension, to dismissal from the team or club. Remember, once you have been placed on a team roster or join a club, you are making a commitment to that team or club for the full season! Any student-athlete who considers quitting a team is encouraged to first talk with the respective coach and communicate his/her concerns or reasons for wanting to leave the team.

 Can a student change sports after the season started?

v     It is important that a student-athlete try to go out for the right sport, particularly at the varsity and junior varsity levels. A student-athlete may not change from one sport to another once a team has been selected, without permission from all head coaches involved.

 What is the Physical Education requirement? (Sports Only)

v     Athletics is an outgrowth of the Physical Education program. Those students demonstrating outstanding skills, attitude, and effort are encouraged to participate in athletics. The wide range of activities in physical education gives the students an excellent background in physical fitness, lifetime sports, and team sports. Because of the importance of physical education, all athletes will be required to participate and pass physical education throughout the year. Athletes who are illegally absent from or do not participate in physical education classes will not be permitted to attend practices or contests on the day of the absence. Any athlete failing physical education will be automatically suspended from participation until the failing grade is corrected to a passing grade.

 v     Physical Examinations: Students must have a current physical on file at School nurses’ office. Physicals are good for one year from the date of clearance.

 How are teams selected?

v     Choosing the members of athletic teams are the sole responsibility of the coach. Some athletic teams will make cuts to limit the size of their roster and others will not. Illness and injury to a student-athlete during a try-out period must not be held against the student-athlete, and the coach will make reasonable adjustments to the try-out period according to their discretion.

 How are clubs selected?

v     There is no selection process for joining a club.  Students sign-up for a particular club(s) based on interest, there must be 10 high schools and teacher monitor for the club to be recognized. The Club Monitor and the students will then determine meeting times.

Concluding Statement: Coaches are the leaders of the athletic team. They are responsible for selecting the system of instruction and strategy for the team, as well as establishing additional rules they deem necessary and prudent for the participation of students in athletics. They may use their professional judgment in handling situations that may arise during the season that are not covered under this policy.



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