United Way Funds for Olmsted

Here’s a great way to help support our schools.

The Olmsted School Foundation has been designated a United Way choice donor. The next time you’re asked to donate to United Way, please consider directing all or part of your donation to the Olmsted School Foundation, which will use the money to support the Olmsted elementary, middle and high schools. TheUnited Waydonations are tax deductible and 100 percent of the money goes directly to the donor organizations they support.

To designate United Way funds to Olmsted School Foundation, you will need to supply the Olmsted School Foundation’s four digit code. The code is: 5630.

Your contributions allow us to support the following:

  • Scholarships to 3 graduating Seniors at Olmsted High School
  • Microscopes for Olmsted Elementary
  • Art displays for Middle & High School
  • Sending staff from each Olmsted building to National Gifted & Talented conference

Olmsted School Foundation can be reached at: olmstedschoolfoundation@gmail.com


  • There are no upcoming events at this time.
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